Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres it develops grace strength and flexibility with correct posture and placement which are all vital elements needed for dancers to translate into all styles of dance

The Royal Academy of Dance examinations are recognised worldwide and are accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority which means that all exams come with a credit value that can be accumulated towards future learning. In addition to this the upper grades and the vocational examinations at level 3 on the national framework are awarded UCAS points for entry into colleges and universities. All our Ballet staff are registered teachers of the RAD and are therefore qualified to deliver a sound training with safe practice.

Grades 1-8

The Graded exams give children the opportunity to build their skills in the art of dancing working through a steady progression of levels in a fun and disciplined environment which in turn will create confidence and a sense of achievement.The classes incorporate a variety of styles including classical ballet, free movement and character all of which develop a sound technique and an appreciation of performance and dance heritage

Vocational Examinations

Intermediate Foundation – Advanced level is intended for the serious dance student who wishes to pursue a career in the performing arts. These classes offer a more intense training and include pointe work for females. Entry into these classes is by invitation and is assessed on an individual basis. Many students study the upper grades and vocational levels concurrently which complement each other greatly and build up strength and stamina.