class10smallThis musical theatre foundation course is to provide our Junior Students with the necessary skills to work competently in the appropriate areas of the Performing Arts. It has been designed to build our students knowledge, technique & performance skills. All students are expected to work towards these assessments as a natural progression into the

In year one students will work towards Vocal & Performance, Modern/Jazz & Tap Dancing and Drama & Performance, following the Stageworx syllabus for these subjects. In Classical Ballet they will follow the RAD Grade Syllabus.
Student will also partake in stretch & stamina classes and be given an education on Health & Nutrition promoting healthy lifestyles.

The Stageworx School year is split into four terms, students will follow the syllabus covering different techniques and skills in each term. Tutors will be keeping a constant development report throughout the terms to ensure students are making required progress. Classical Ballet will be assessed by an officially appointed RAD examiner.

Class Times: Monday or Tuesday 4pm-6pm Saturday 12.30pm-4pm   PLEASE NOTE CLASSES NOW FINISH AT 4PM NOT 4.15PM

Fees: £78 per month. We have taken the annual cost of the fees based on 39 weeks of tuition and spread the amount over 12 monthly payments

NEW STARTS – deposit of one month fee plus one month fee